HMD Series – Membrane Compressed Air Dryers

Membrane gas separation technology, used for years to generate nitrogen, is now widely used for compressed air drying. Operation is simple and reliable. Compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows through a bundle of tube-shaped membranes (think of tiny drinking straws). Water vapor (and a fraction of the compressed air used to sweep the water vapor out of the dryer) passes through the membrane walls. Dry air then exits the tube bundle for use downstream. As long as the dried air isn’t exposed to temperatures below the dew point temperature produced by the dryer, no troublesome liquid water will form in your air system.


  • Lightweight – HMD Series dryers can be installed in air lines with-out additional support
  • Operates in any orientation making it easy to in corporate into existing equipment
  • Operates in a wide variety of environments – high and low temperatures, corrosive and explosive atmospheres, in doors or out
  • Housings are made of ABS polymer and aluminum; stainless steel housings are optional
  • Water is removed as a vapor – no liquid condensate to dispose of


  • For normal applications -a Hankison HF Series Grade 5 high efficiency oil removal filter
  • For highly contaminated systems or applications where the highest level of air purity is required -a Hankison HF Series Grade 7 airline filter and a Grade 3 ultrahigh efficiency oil removal filter


Model Dimensions
Length Width
in. mm. in. mm.
HMD20-2 26.4 671 2.5 63,5
HMD20-3 15.3 389 4.2 106,7
HMD20-4 26.9 683 4.2 106,7
HMD20-5 41.1 1.044 4.2 106,7
HMD20-6 41.1 1.044 5.3 134,6
HMD20-7 1 52 1.321 19.3 490
HMD20-8 1 52 1.321 12 305
HMD20-9 1 52 1.321 21.5 546
RHD016SS 26.9 683 4.2 106,7
RHD026SS 41 1.041 4.2 106,7
RHD052SS 41.1 1.044 5.3 134,6
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