NGF Series – Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters 20-1500 scfm


As energy costs continue to escalate globally air treatment manufacturers are challenged to design equipment that is cost effective, delivers optimum performance and consumes less energy. Hankison’s Next Generation Filter Series is the solution for efficiently removing contamination from compressed air systems while saving energy. The NGF Series employs technological advancements in filtration materials and design to ensure premium compressed air quality and low operational costs. Every filter is tested and rated delivering certifiable performance according to ISO 8573-1 air quality standards. The NGF Series is tested to ISO 12500. Test results provide certifiable performance data based on defined challenge concentrations. A choice of Five Element Grades allows you to design a system that delivers the air quality you require: Grade SF – Bulk Liquid Separator/Filter Grade PF – General Purpose Filter Grade HF – High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter Grade UF – Ultra High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter Grade CF – Oil Vapor Removal Filter NGF Series filters feature: Patented Venturi-Wave™ element design promotes a turbulent-free transition for compressed air entering the element Deep bed pleated, high performance media Element grade identification with color coded end caps printed with genuine Hankison filter element replacement part number Scuplted housing design with flanged inlet and outlet connections for easy installation Die cast aluminum, chromated housings are coated with a polyester epoxy powder coat finish for corrosion resistance Internally ribbed bowl promotes condensate drainage



Model Capacity @ 100 psig
(6.7 barg)
scfm nm3/h in.
F02 20 34 1/4” NPT
F03 35 69 3/8” NPT
F04 50 85 1/2” NPT
F06 75 127 3/4” NPT
F07 103 175 3/4” NPT
F08 157 267 1” NPT
F10 257 437 1 1/2” NPT
F11 360 612 1 1/2” NPT
F12 401 681 2” NPT
F13 568 965 2 1/2” NPT
F14 775 1317 2 1/2” NPT
F15 1200 2039 2 1/2” NPT
F16 1200 2039 3” NPT
F17 1500 2549 3” NPT


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